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Why Attend?

  • Participate in a five-day event jam-packed with training and learning opportunities
  • Connect with 1,700 scientists, assessors, regulators and managers from more than 40 countries
  • Stay on top of the latest cutting-edge environmental research and science
  • Learn from a diverse group of representatives from academia, business and government
  • Select from more than 1,500 platform and poster presentations

What SETAC Members Say

Thanks to the SETAC North America Endowment Fund, I was able to attend the SETAC Boston meeting. It was one of the best scientific meetings I ever attended. I met many colleagues that I only knew from their publications, and I reunited with many others that are regular attendees of SETAC meetings. I really appreciate what SETAC did for me and one of my students, who received a student travel grant. We learned a lot, we had a lot of fun, and we left Boston with many new friends. Since then, my situation has improved. New students arrived and joined my projects, and every time we use part of our grants to attend SETAC meetings. We loved the Long Beach and Nashville meetings, and we look forward to see all the SETAC family in Vancouver!

Gaby Rodriguez, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Fantastic job on the Nashville meeting! The sessions were filled with top notch research, and the poster sessions were impressive. I have learned so much from this meeting, and it has been valuable already in terms of applying it to what I’m doing here at NIEHS. Thank you, and well done!

Heather Henry, NIEHS Superfund Research Program

I have never missed an annual meeting of SETAC North America since the first meeting in 1980. A primary reason why I choose to participate, is SETAC’s mission to provide a non-advocacy forum for communication among scientists and managers in government, NGOs, business, and academia. The annual meetings, workshops, and publications have defined my professional experiences throughout my career.

Chris Ingersoll, USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center

I found the game sessions on ethics in sustainability highly interesting, mainly because they opened my eyes to a very relevant yet easily forgotten side of sustainability. In the midst of highly specialized sessions among experts, it was great to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and how you as an individual/expert fit in that bigger picture. After all, the reason we’re doing the work we do is to make a positive change in the world. If it was up to me, this session deserved a place as a keynote.

Ellen Meijer, PRE Consultants

I really enjoyed playing Pisces, but I think the best part was the discussions with Susan and Tom and the rest of the group. Susan’s presentation of the tragedy of the commons and Tom’s commentary on our actions were really insightful and covered an aspect of sustainability that wasn’t really addressed anywhere else in the meeting.

Erica Hartmann